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Baby Spas in Hong Kong

Baby swimming or hydrotherapy from birth is fantastic for your baby's health & development, and could spark a lifetime’s interest in the sport. Each swim provides a complete physical work-out,…
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Truly in Love

Truly in Love

Swimming is still a great activity for babies and kids. In fact, swimming has been proven to strengthen heart and lungs for babies. It is common knowledge that kids(babies included)…
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Swimava Safety Video

Before your baby can walk or even crawl, they can be active in the water! The Swimava Starter Ring + Pool can help your infant with foundations of swimming while encouraging…
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This little ring is an amazing invention. It looks questionable, but give it a try! My baby LOVES it. You can use it in a deep tub or in a pool. It allows for full range of motion for both arms and legs, and makes the baby feel natural because she’s safe and secure like she was inutero. I started using this when my baby was 10 weeks old, and I highly recommend the product to anyone with a baby. The other benefits are good exercise for baby, better eating and sleeping habits develop.
If you aren’t sure, YouTube “Swimava” and see babies swimming and smiling for yourself, but buy one, you won’t regret it!

Reviews Written by Leighann

I was initially worried about the ring going around my daughter’s neck but this hasn’t been a problem and doesn’t bother her. It fits snuggly, securely, comfortably and is not too bulk

I was very happy with the fit of the ring. It was very secure and I had no concerns about the fit. Even before it was clipped shut it seemed very secure.

I thought it would be hard to hold my little girl and put the ring on but it was easy.

Yes she was very happy in it & I tested it quite rigorously

A bit unsure at first but soon all smiles and kicking and splashing her arms.

At first she did not enjoy it but by the 4th time we used it, she had gotten used to me putting it on her & then started to enjoy the freedom of her arms & legs being completely free from me.

I really like the fact that it inflates in two separate compartments so that if one was to deflate for some reason you have the reassurance of the other compartment to keep little one safe.

I loved the overall concept of keeping babies head safely above water.

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