Endorsed by Mommy and Chiropractor

Putting aside the fact that I am in the medical profession, I needed to be a mommy to my newly born preemie. This was all new to me. Although i treat many babies who are colicky, have delayed milestones and are fussy, I too seeked a further form of treatment for my little boy to assist him in thriving. Hydrotherapy was recommended. This was quite new in South Africa, although extremely well known in the UK already. I was very interested in the concept as it made complete sense in that their ‘free’ movement in the hydro bath, would mimic that of being in the womb. This was imperative for me, as mine missed out on 10 weeks of being in my tummy.

Taking my little boy was the best decision.  He absolutely loved it, was so relaxed in the water,  and the Doctor in me noticed, that his little body was straightening out, and not favoring a particular side. This is something very important that Chiropractors aim for in newborn treatment. Because they are suspended with the aid of the neck flotation device, with no external forces contributing to unequal pressures, their vulnerable spines and muscles have a chance to neutralize with the most gentle of pressures, being the water, which is directly proportional to their body weight. Quite a simple concept, yet producing spectacular results, in a quick way.

Years passed, and Swimava have released the purchase of the flotation device. This struck a nerve, as this beautiful form of therapeutics was to be made more affordable to the average mommy whose baby was suffering from the already mentioned. I took it upon myself to do further research into the pressures this device may impact negatively on the vulnerable Cervical spine in that of a baby. On the outskirts, it may look that way, given the baby is suspended by the neck in the water bath, my research has revealed truly the opposite.

With permission from the parents of 5 of my patients, suffering from either colic, dominance, reflux, low muscle tone and fussiness, we allowed a few sessions with the device. The results speak for themselves;

“My little girl went from crying every afternoon for four hours to two hours to almost no crying, in the space of one week, with three sessions”
Mommy X

“My 15 month old woke every night, at least 10 times, to waking up only 2 or 3 times, in a space of two weeks, having had four sessions”
Mommy Y

“The reflux has remarkably improved”
Mommy Z

Whilst being present in most of these sessions, i very carefully analyzed the pressures involved from the flotation device. I scrutinized body posture, muscle tension and joint tension before and after a session.
Results revealed improvement after each session.

The flotation device is merely the means to guide ‘free’ floating in the water.  The baby is optimally relaxed, allowing spinal and muscular pressure to neutralize. This is so complimentary in what Chiropractors aim for in each treatment. This is not to mention the advantage this form of gentle exercise is creating on the developing muscular and nervous system.

With this having personally assisted my preemie, to now assisting all potential patients, I am very excited to be on board with the Swimava team, having highly endorsed them and the concept.

Mommy and Chiropractor,
Dr. Jeanette Else



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